Insightful tips when picking a chainsaw

The evolution of chainsaws has been remarkable, considering the advances made in technology as time progresses. For instance, the chainsaws used today are way lighter than the older versions. In addition, there are safety considerations that have been embedded into its design that safeguard the user. Technology has made the saws operate more smoothly than the previous models. Today, there are more options and choices available for people to consider. In as much as this can be good for competition and pricing, selecting a suitable saw can be a nightmare for a first timer. Without the right knowledge and expertise, there is a high chance you might end up picking a model that is ineffective. Likewise, below are some tips to help when picking a chainsaw.

Big saws are best

When buying a saw, do not be deceived by its power or bar length only. These considerations are a good start considering the big saws provide greater power that can take down large trees. In as much chainsawas they are great, they do have their demerits too. The longer the bar, the more the weight drag at the front. This makes cutting using the saw much harder. Professional quality saws offer aggression that cuts deeper and is more susceptible to kickback. Unfortunately, they tend to be really expensive. In addition to being cheaper, the smaller saws are lighter to carry around. They work equally well with the exception of having to take a longer duration.

How reliable is the chainsaw

It is generally considered that one gets what one pays for. As long as you opt for the major brands when shopping for a suitable chainsaw, reliability is often guaranteed. However, with proper care and maintenance, the cheaper saws too might last equally long. The only distinction between the professional saws and the cheaper models is that the former is made of high-quality materials. Nevertheless, the distinction when cutting wood is negligible. To ensure that your saw lasts for long you must prioritize routine maintenance. The air filters should be cleaned or replaced frequently. Most manufacturer manuals recommend an annual replacement of your spark plug. Use the right set of oils for the gasoline mixture as this ensures that the bar and chain remain in great shape. Ensure that the sprocket gets lubed too.

Level of comfort

Your chain must be fit and guarantee that you operate without any strain. The best way to get this right is by trying out several saws before purchase. This is why it is recommended that you visit a physical hardware store rather than order one online. In some models, the spacing and sizes of the front and rear handles might not auger well with the posture you take when cutting wood. Take time to feel whether the weight at the front is a concern too. When buying, remember that you might end up using the tool for hours so getting the right fit is very important.


cahinsaw2All chainsaws are very dangerous and can cause fatal injury. Previous chainsaws models had no chain brake or vibration dampers on their handle. Today we have modern technology to thank for the unique safety features fitted in the saws.