Rudolph von Alt – my daily art display

Self-portrait (1890) The focus of my blog today is to look at the life and work of the nineteenth century Austrian painter Rudolph Ritter von Alt.  The word “Ritter”is used as a title of nobility in German-speaking areas.  It translates approximately to the British designation “Sir”, denoting a Knight.  It […]

All About Spring by Alexander Calder

Title of Artwork: “Spring “ Artwork by Alexander Calder Calendar year Designed 1928 Summary of Spring The New York Situations hailed Alexander Calder’s unconventional sculptural resources, together with copper wire and bureau drawer knobs, as “building their 1st visual appearance as mediums of creative expression yesterday” in a overview of […]

How The Deadly Embrace Came Alive

Care to be a part of the Danse Macabre? It’s dim, ghastly, and still strangely uplifting. Although she’s locked in a Fatal Embrace, the girl doesn’t seem to be at all frightened of her morbid companion. Appears like panic has prolonged offered way to hope, serenity, and calming acceptance. Like it […]

Nocturne Notes – Bryan Mark Taylor

Nocturne Notes Bryan Mark Taylor San Diego Sunset          30 x 30″     Oil     © Bryan Mark Taylor    Bryan Mark Taylor shared with us his paintings of cityscapes in twilight and nighttime lighting in our job interview with him here:  Voices of Working experience – Bryan Mark Taylor. He elaborated additional […]

72 HOURS by Emily Dodd-Noble 

Introducing 72 Several hours by Emily Dodd-Noble. A Berlin-primarily based photographer who has recently done the undertaking 72 Hours. The work capabilities analogue pictures taken all through the underground rave scene, in Berlin, lockdown 2021. I moved to Berlin December 2020 and the photographs depict the instant in which I […]