Show Don’t Tell | FineArtViews

I recall the climax of the Harry Potter series. The entire final book builds up to the Battle of Hogwarts. Although, by that point, Harry has accepted that he must face Voldemort, he dreads it. He also knows, that to save everyone he loves, he must allow Voldemort to murder […]

Christmas Traditions Around The World

Christmas Traditions around the World are surprisingly varied. For most of us in the Western World, Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus’s birthday with presents and time spent with family. Stockings hanging on the wall beside a roaring fire and a carrot and mince pie on a plate waiting for […]

Interview with Kate McCrickard | Rise Art

“I make figurative paintings drawn from memory, imagination and years of observing and sketching figures in the street, in bars and those who cross my path in daily life.” By Rise Art | 10 Aug 2022 Kate McCrickard has recently joined Rise Art, bringing her portfolio of elegant and contemporary […]

New Futures: What have they been up to?

December is a time to reflect, to come together and to celebrate. Well, in our opinion the success of the 2022 New Futures program is definitely something to raise a glass to. Across 12 global art fairs this year, we presented the work of 35 New Futures winners, supported by […]