We’re in this Together | FineArtViews

We’re in this together, dear artists. Or, rather, we should be in this together. Let me explain. We live in an era of unprecedented opportunity for creatives. We call it the Sovereign Artist Era. Some people call it the “creator economy.” Whatever you call it, it refers to the convergence […]

All About Silo by James Rosenquist

Title of Artwork: “Silo” Artwork by James Rosenquist Year Created 1963 – 1964 Summary of Silo The original inspiration for this graphic was the “T-zone” (for “taste zone”) featured in Camel cigarette commercials. In its original form, which was depicted on the exhibition poster, it was included in Rosenquist’s “Candidate” […]

Photographic tableau highlights historical injustices

Nature Morte (Agriculture) and Nature Morte (Blackbird), from Australian photographic artist Michael Cook’s ‘Natures Mortes’ series, draw on visual strategies affiliated with the still‑life genre — particularly the memento mori, a visual reminder of the inevitability of death — to highlight the devastating impact of colonisation from an Indigenous point […]

Nocturne Notes – Maria Marino

Nocturne Notes Maria Marino Summer Evening on Spa Creek, Annapolis  12 x 24″   Plein Air Pastel     © Maria Marino      Maria Marino brings the vivid colors of her day-time landscapes into the night with her pastel nocturnes. See more of her work (both day and night) […]

Anton Pieck – my daily art display

Anton Pieck When one thinks of artists, one looks to the greats such as Veronese or Goya or Turner and some are maybe somewhat “sniffy” when graphic artists and illustrators are lumped together with such luminaries.  My artist today was reviled by serious art lovers for his artwork being petty […]

In a New Documentary, Refugees Reclaim Their Narrative

One of the pressing complaints about Western journalism is that traveling reporters drop into the scene where a story is unfolding, tell only a fraction of it, and jet off to the next destination chasing another lede. Marginalized people seeking media coverage also sometimes find themselves at the mercy of […]

In memoriam Tünde Wehli (1943-2019)

Photo of Tünde Wehli, taken at the celebration of her 70th birthday, 2013 It is with sadness that I report on the passing of art historian Tünde Wehli, on November 18, 2019, in the 76th year of her life. Tünde Wehli had been a long-time senior researcher at the Institute […]