Meditation for Artists

Janice K. Johnson

I used to think meditating meant sitting up straight and still for a certain number of minutes every single day, focusing on my breath and trying to clear my mind of thoughts and feel calm. When I believed this, I did not meditate. My photo from a recent vacation spot […]

Interview with Gregory Malphurs: Rethinking Portraiture

“My work is a deconstruction recipe of emotions, colours, stories, and inspirations reflecting life with its troubles and complications…” By Rise Art | 07 Nov 2022 Gregory Malphurs has recently joined Rise Art, bringing his conceptual portraits to the platform. Gregory’s work offers the viewer a look inside his subject’s psyche rather than a […]

A Contemporary Art Guide To: Athens

By Sophie Louise in Events & Review Credit: Thomas Gravanis After weathering a decade-long economic crisis, riots and mass unemployment contributing to widespread social instability, Greece’s capital, long associated more so with its history than with its burgeoning present, has emerged in recent years as one of the most exciting […]

DC Belony a sculptor capturing movements

DC Belony (Didier Camille Belony) is a French artist who since the end of the 1990s, expresses himself through the practice of sculpture and drawing.  His works are inspired by movement: whether it is that of the interaction between rider and horse for Osmosis or golf for other works. One […]

Interview with Clare Thatcher | Rise Art

Figurative, abstract.   Do you paint from memory or are you representing specific places in your paintings? I begin with observational drawing in the landscape, an understanding of how things fit together, thinking about place and why I keep returning. I make work deeply connected to a sense of place […]

Meet 6 Fast-Rising Artists Having Star Turns at This Year’s Art Basel Miami Beach — Portland Museum of Art

Who:  An enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes in Western North Dakota, Teresa Baker pays tribute to her upbringing while infusing her practice with a modern aesthetic. She transforms synthetic materials into artwork that underscores irregular territorial shapes.  Based in: Los Angeles, California Notable Resume Lines: Baker is a 2022 […]

All About Body of Air by Piero Manzoni

Title of Artwork: “Body of Air” Artwork by Piero Manzoni Year Created 1959 Summary of Body of Air “Corpo d’aria” (which translates as “Body of Air” or “Corpi d’aria”). It consists of a tripod stand, deflated balloon, mouthpiece, and box, all of which were produced between October 1959 and March […]