Mel Kendrick at Parrish Art Museum

Janice K. Johnson

For more than five decades, sculptor Mel Kendrick has created visual puzzles by taking things apart and putting them back together again. The resulting works invert spatial oppositions, giving dimension to feelings of inner conflict. The artist’s retrospective, “Seeing Things in Things,” is an invitation to enjoy the traces of […]

Review: Sharpie Oil-based Paint Markers

Sharpie is definitely very well know for their markers, and the brand is synonymous with markers. If you use a Sharpie, you will know. I don’t find Sharpie markers to be at a quality good enough for professional artists. And that unfortunately applies to these Sharpie oil-based pigmented paint markers. […]

Dr. Martens + A-Cold-Wall* – KALTBLUT Magazine

Janice K. Johnson

Dr. Martens and A-COLD-WALL* proudly reconnect over a passion for elevating overlooked workwear by infusing it with subcultural influences. A testament to their shared heritage. The latest edition of their celebrated partnership concentrates on clean lines and distilled aesthetics. A rejection of an overdesigned mainstream. Known for his use of […]