The Art of Maurice Sendak”

  In preparing for our upcoming exhibition, Wild Factors Are Occurring: The Artwork of Maurice Sendak, we asked Columbus Museum of Art workers members to share what they are most fired up about.  “I’m most psyched to see visitors reconnect with beloved childhood artwork and characters.”— Olivia T., Visitor Practical […]

Ep 122 Things we Wish we’d Known as Beginner Artists

Janice K. Johnson

On today’s art podcast we are going to talk about the things we wish we had known when we were beginner artists. And hopefully, it might help some of our listeners who have just started out. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify | Amazon Music | RSS This podcast […]

Interview with Aviv Benn: An existentialist dreamlike world that goes beyond each canvas

Janice K. Johnson

Aviv Benn has not long ago joined Increase Art, bringing her expressionistic operates to the system. Her paintings are a visual universe starring symbolic archetypes and fantastical sorts that pop up, reappear, and incorporate to formulate the dreamlike globe they inhabit. By repeating the exact same imagery more than quite a few canvases, she informs a […]

Martín Soto Climent at Proyectos Monclova

Janice K. Johnson

For the solo exhibit “Hay una palabra para nombrar la hora de la noche en silencio” (There is a phrase to title the silent hour of night time), Martín Soto Climent proceeds his alchemical transformation of 3-dimensional objects into topological drawings, moving from his previously surreal and humorous parts into […]

Round Doodle Weaving – ARTBAR

Janice K. Johnson

My mind is continually trying to suit in time to weave. I am this kind of a amateur, and never really have a design, but I enjoy enjoying close to with shade and form. This time I tried using a round doodle weaving employing an embroidery hoop! I didn’t observe […]