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This weblog by Dinotopia creator James Gurney is for illustrators, plein-air painters, sketchers, comic artists, animators, art students, and writers. You’ll find practical studio tips, insights into the making of the Dinotopia books, and first-hand reports from art schools and museums.

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You can write me at:
James Gurney
PO Box 693
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

or by email:
gurneyjourney (at)
Sorry, I can’t give personal art advice or portfolio reviews. If you can, it’s best to ask art questions in the blog comments.


All images and text are copyright 2020 James Gurney and/or their respective owners. Dinotopia is a registered trademark of James Gurney. For use of text or images in traditional print media or for any commercial licensing rights, please email me for permission.

However, you can quote images or text without asking permission on your educational or non-commercial blog, website, or Facebook page as long as you give me credit and provide a link back. Students and teachers can also quote images or text for their non-commercial school activity. It’s also OK to do an artistic copy of my paintings as a study exercise without asking permission.

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