Love at Fur-Sight: Scrapbook Page Ideas for Your Pet

Pictures, decorative scissors, and scrapbook papers are necessary for scrapbook design. Scrapbook page ideas for your pet should also include the best themes and layout ideas.

Creating and designing scrapbook pages are the best ways to honor your pet. Here are some of the best scrapbook page ideas for your pet.


Honor your pet by creating and designing scrapbook pages that showcase its life and adventures. To achieve great effects, you should use the best theme and layout ideas.

Scrapbooking is a great hobby and helps you remember the best memories of your life. As a pet owner, starting a scrapbook is an excellent way to create a keepsake of the best times you had with your furry friend. If you’re planning to begin this project soon, keep reading for our best scrapbook ideas for your pet.

Friends Fur-Ever

You can’t make your pet a scrapbook without including a page for the two of you! Ultimately, your pet is your friend fur-ever, no matter what. Decorate this page with pictures of you two doing your favorite things together, memories you never want to forget, and more! Maybe your pet and you shared a costume one year for Halloween—this is the perfect picture for this page!

A Tale of Two Pets

Do you have more than one pet? Maybe one of your pets is a cat, and the other is a dog. This makes the perfect layout for this scrapbook idea for your pets. Include pictures of them cuddling on the couch, getting into shenanigans, or going on adventures. You could even chronologically catalog your pets’ relationship together for an adorable rendition of their friendship timeline.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Sometimes when a pet owner is building a scrapbook, they will preplan a memorial for an aging pet by including a layout dedicated to when it crosses the rainbow bridge. This page could be rainbow themed, but it doesn’t have to be. A great idea for this layout is to schedule a photo shoot for your elderly pet before it passes so that you have a lovely portrait to remember it by.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Are you a bird person? If you’re creating a scrapbook for your pet birds, you could include a page highlighting each of their personalities and a picture of them together. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your creations—if you don’t like them, you can always start over.

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!

Some individuals prefer to have a cat as a pet over a dog. You can poke fun at this in your scrapbook by designing pages that show your opinion on what type of animal makes for the perfect pet. Go to your local craft store and find stickers and paper that help enhance this theme in your scrapbook.

A scrapbook is the ultimate memory keepsake. Each page and layout has a different theme and tells a different story of your pet’s life. What layout will you design for your pet’s scrapbook?

Are you a pet owner? Do you have scrapbook page ideas for your pet? Share them with us.

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