Ep 117 Why Artists Need to be Brave

On today’s podcast, we talk about why artists need to be brave. So, the most successful artists out there are often the ones who have been brave and not been afraid to try new things …and they’ve just put themselves out there no matter what the outcome or reaction might […]

Artists’ Gardens – George Van Hook

Inspiration Close at Hand Artists’ Gardens George Van Hook Iris          30 x 24″          Oil          © George Van Hook    In response to our “Inspiration Close at Hand” call for paintings created in artists’ gardens or other personal spaces, we […]

an art show turned toward the future

Janice K. Johnson

To say the past year and a half has been hard for  graduating artists is a massive understatement. On top of dealing with a spiralling COVID-19 crisis, they had their IRL workshops and crits cancelled, their studio spaces closed, and their much-anticipated degree show moved online. But at last, in person […]