In memoriam Tünde Wehli (1943-2019)

Photo of Tünde Wehli, taken at the celebration of her 70th birthday, 2013 It is with sadness that I report on the passing of art historian Tünde Wehli, on November 18, 2019, in the 76th year of her life. Tünde Wehli had been a long-time senior researcher at the Institute […]

Gurney Journey: Enchanted Poster

This weblog by Dinotopia creator James Gurney is for illustrators, plein-air painters, sketchers, comic artists, animators, art students, and writers. You’ll find practical studio tips, insights into the making of the Dinotopia books, and first-hand reports from art schools and museums. Contact You can write me at: James Gurney PO […]

Tips You Need To Become a Better Musician

Janice K. Johnson

A music student learns how to play the piano with her instructor. Here are some tips you need to become a better musician BY ALEX TOWNASTALLI, ARTCENTRON Being a musician is incredibly fun, but it’s also a lifelong process of learning that never ends. Find out tips you need to become […]

An Exhibition of Cat Art Worthy of a Meowseum

Janice K. Johnson

Luke O’Halloran, “Eeeeeeeeeee” (2022) (all images courtesy Mrs. unless otherwise noted) Cats have descended upon Maspeth, Queens, where Mrs. gallery is featuring the work of 39 artists focused on a single theme: furry felines. Cats have been an art historical focus for thousands of years, and the gallery’s latest exhibition, […]