MAKING A MARK: Dear Facebook

Janice K. Johnson

Yesterday I wrote about about the RSW Open Call for Entries – and then posted it to Facebook. Later I took a look at it to see if there had been any comments – but the post had received very few visitors and I couldn’t work out why. Today I […]

Cheng Cheng Yi “Dragon Summoner” Limited Edition Print – Available November 10th – StreetArtNews

Janice K. Johnson

Chinese contemporary artist Cheng Cheng Yi have collaborated with ArtPort for his latest limited edition screenprint entitled “Dragon Summoner”. Dragon Summoner comes in an edition of 25 and measures 70 x 56 cm. The print features Yi’s signature characters that often tell stories about adolescence and the dreams of the young generation. Born in 1985, […]

Near the Border, Artists Fight for Self-Preservation

Janice K. Johnson

LAS CRUCES, N. Mex. — Before the creation of geopolitical borders and their bloody effects on marginalized communities, the Chihuahuan Desert was already a tremendously inhospitable place. The Sierra Madre, blocking wind and humidity from the east and west, helps make the region a violent environment with extreme weather, scarce […]

3 Ways Art Benefits Mental Health

The Results of Pressure We all deal with a good deal of anxiety currently, no matter whether it be due to globe gatherings, the pandemic, or gatherings in our have lives. This stress results in true physical and emotional harm to us if we really don’t acquire steps to mitigate […]