5 Facts About German Culture

German Culture: Facts, Customs, Traditions, and Things To Know

Germany, also known as the country of poets and thinkers, has a rich history which is reflected in its people, architecture, music and every other aspect. If you are shifting to Germany or planning a trip to Berlin, these 5 facts will make your journey more interesting and will let you explore their unique art and culture to the fullest: 

  1. Art 

Art, to be precise, is the most distinguishing part of German’s history. The Newton of Color – Paul Klee, the Artist of Romanticism – Caspar David Friedrich and many others have contributed to promoting German art across borders. 

History apart, even today there is a bountiful of contemporary artists carrying on their history and culture. If you want to know what German art companies are offering nowadays, and which artists are skillful enough to continue their decades of legacy, visit platforms like Erfahrungenscout – a trusted German review brand where customers share their experience with different art companies. Read them out to find the right painters and interpreters capable of integrating the exclusive German art into your home interior.

  1. Music 

The 3 B’s (Bach, Beethoven and Brahms) known worldwide for composing the most fantastic music are from Germany. They are the ones who nourished western classical music which became popular among every large or small gathering. 

Germany also hosts one of the world’s largest music festivals – the Rock and Ring festival. Numerous international artists and fans travel to Germany to visit it and opera houses, which have been a popular tourist destination for years.  

  1. Architecture 

The architect of Germany speaks volumes of the tumultuous history the country has gone through. You will find palaces, cathedrals, monuments, amphitheaters and the Roman bridges sharing the story of their ancestors. 

The St. Michael’s Church is a Romanesque church that dates back to the 10th century. It is also added to the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage. Similarly, Cologne Cathedral is marked as one of the largest Gothic churches. Whereas constructions like the Einstein tower or the Gliwice Radio Tower represent the modern architectural trends of the country. 

  1. Literature 

According to some historians, Germany was the first country where a book was printed. The publication of magazines also started from there. Whereas the country also hosts the world’s largest book fair known as the International Frankfurt Book Fair. 

The Germans are also fond of reading books. Around 21 million people have a habit of reading books frequently. Historical novels, fiction and thrillers are their common choice. 

  1. Cuisine 

Germany has a rich and heavy cuisine. Most of their meals are incomplete without meat, sauces and bread. For desserts, cakes and pastries made with fresh fruits are liked throughout the country. They also have special dishes for holidays like Easter or Christmas. 

Also, the Germans love drinking beer and about 95% of their adults consume it almost on a daily basis. 

Bonus: Germany is a Country of Super-Caring People!

The Germans care for each other and you will find implementation of this in various ways. They hold great esteem of family and community, respect each other’s privacy and are always ready to help you out in any way. 


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