A Cheat Sheet for Your Art Marketing Tasks


Do you ever wonder what a regular marketing schedule for your art would look like?

©Jane LaFazio, Artichoke Family. Watercolor. Used with permission.
©Jane LaFazio, Artichoke Family. Watercolor and color pencil.

When thinking about content to share here, on social media, or in my newsletter, I comb through previous blog posts and a folder of ideas—always discovering something new.

Something that didn’t strike a chord a year ago suddenly calls my name. The time is right to explore the topic. Or to revisit it.

Many years ago I found this request deep in my filing system: I find it helpful to be reminded of what I can do or perhaps really should do on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis.

The cheat sheet that follows is for Julie and everyone who finds comfort in knowing what to do and when. Here is a simple marketing schedule you can follow and adapt to your needs.

Daily Art Marketing Tasks

  • Spend time in the studio, connecting with your work. Without it, you have no reason to have a marketing schedule.
  • Read something about art or business for motivation and inspiration.
  • Post an image or video to to social media.
  • Add a new pin to your Pinterest boards. Remember that Pinterest is the third most powerful search engine online, so don’t forget the description!
  • Spend 5-10 minutes commenting on other social media accounts, especially those from people you want to connect with or, perhaps, students you are supporting.
  • Make a note of what you accomplished during the day and give yourself a pat on the back.
  • Write your gratitudes or say them aloud, remembering that you won’t get more of anything (money, followers, students, subscribers) until you appreciate all that you already have.
Kay Crawford painting inspired by Monet's gardens at Giverny | on Art Biz Success
©Kay Crawford, Eternal. Pastel on paper, 18 x 24 inches.

Weekly Art Marketing Tasks

  • Post an article and images of your art to your blog.
  • Check in a couple of times with your online community. And join the Art Biz Connection if you aren’t already supported by other ambitious artists and a team of artist mentors. When you make these connections, you’ll discover all kinds of strategies and support.
  • Send a few personal emails, notes, or thank-you cards to collectors or others who have been kind to you.
  • Make and post a new video or do a livestream.
  • Find a few new people on social media to connect with.
  • Work a little on your newsletter ideas so that you’re ready to publish on your monthly schedule.
  • Review your week. Identify what was really good and what you might have learned to carry into the future.

Monthly Art Marketing Tasks

Rorschach drawing by Charlotte Corini
©2013 Charlotte Corini, Homage to Rorschach 8. Pen and ink on paper, 11 x 17 inches.
  • Make a date with yourself to revisit old content or your content ideas folder. You might have an experience similar to mine and find a well of inspiration.
  • Send a newsletter or simple message to your entire email list.
  • Attend an art function or event in person where you can meet new people and connect with old friends.
  • Update your list with names of people who want to receive email or regular mail from you.
  • Review your income goals to see if you’re on track for the year. Step on the gas if you’re behind.

Quarterly Art Marketing Tasks

  • Send postcards to everyone you want to keep your name and art in front of.
  • Check in with your gallerists to see how they’re doing, and how you might be able to help them sell more of your art.
  • Update images and text on your website.
  • Update your art inventory records if you don’t do it more frequently.
  • Review your upcoming plans, adjust and recommit to your goals. Let me lead you through this process in the Artist Planning Sessions.

Yearly Art Marketing Tasks

  • Review your income goals to see how you did and what you need to add or change for the New Year.
  • Set realistic, but challenging, goals for the year.
  • Comb through your entire website to see that the content is fresh and the design looks current.

Optimize Your Online Marketing

Has it been a minute since you’ve updated your website and social media profiles? Having trouble remembering the last time you looked in depth at how you’re presenting yourself online?

Join me for Optimize Your Online Marketing and follow the lessons to spiff up your online presence. 


This list isn’t intended to be used out of the box.

Sit with it. Play with it. Use what works for you.

Most of all, enjoy the journey.

That’s what Optimize Your Online Marketing is about. Not about doing more, but about recognizing your limited capacity and choosing a path that is right for you.

Your life as an artist won’t be meaningful if you don’t have a little fun along the way.

This was originally published September 15, 2014 and is updated frequently with original comments intact.


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