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About Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is a digital artist born in Milan in 1976, and currently living and working in Bristol (UK) as a freelance digital artist. As a child, Alberto dreamt of becoming an astronaut or a dentist. Still, his passion for sci-fi movies and astrophotography soon revealed his future choices. Growing up in Sardinia, in the early ‘90s he started approaching art, computer graphics, and especially photography. All as a passionate self-taught.

Later, at the beginning of the new millennium, he moved to Rome to begin his career as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Alberto tends to avoid labels, but if pushed, he prefers to describe his works with a punk grunge influence. Indeed, in the wake of being productive during the 90s, his fascination for the graphics saw him excited for skate desks and CD front covers of early 90s metal bands.

His lucky years were between 2007 and 2008 when his works were everywhere. He also landed on newspapers like the Italian La Repubblica and the German Der Spiegel, to name a few.

Digital Arts

Later, his work has been featured in many other magazines, books, and blogs like: Huffington Post, GQ Magazine, Wired, Colossal, Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, La Repubblica, Photoshop Creative, Hi-Fructose, Beautiful Bizarre, Cult of Mac, My Modern Met, Taschen Illustration NOW! Vol.04, Lürzer’s ARCHIVE, Behance Book Super-Modified, Grafuck Vol. 03, and many others.

His recent work results from a few decades of intense research in the digital arts field, making it possible to create stunning vector art, illustration, and digital photography art pieces.

As of today, Alberto Seveso became a fantastic digital artist with a vast professional background. He has worked for Adobe, Nikon, Sony, Technicolor, MTV, Sony Music, Mayr Melnhof, Olmeca Tequila, National Geographic, Playboy Magazine, GQ Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Ford, Apple, Lenovo, Wacom, Nature, New Scientist, Penguin Books, Burton Snowboards, Disney, Terry Bicycles, Island Music, Bacardi, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Triwa, Gaiam, Warner Music, Feevale Universidade and many more.


Alberto Seveso - Volumetric Portraits
@ Alberto Seveso – Volumetric Portraits

Alberto Seveso - Volumetric Portraits

Alberto Seveso - Volumetric Portraits

Alberto Seveso - Volumetric Portraits

Artworks and Technique

Faces and human parts are layered with complex digital actions and vivid colors to portray the dynamic intention of the depicted expressions.

Alberto Seveso’s aesthetic resides in the unique technique of using ink-water. He will make it evolve in a mesmerizing and surprising way.

Some other methods involve introducing the floating water-ink and using high-speed photography to digitally manipulate the subject into post-production.

Alberto intensely lived the rise of digital art and computer software innovation. For this, he still has a lucid consideration of the actual means of working with digital in modern days.

As he doesn’t see digital work as a niche job anymore, he will consider himself a modern laborer. Alberto hesitates in fitting into the digital artist label as he believes the real contemporary artist is a craftsman, capable of shaping and manipulating a form with his only hands. He’s a digital artisan indeed.

To follow Alberto Seveso on Instagram go here. Check his Behance profile here, or go to his website.

Alberto Seveso - Liquid Metals
@ Alberto Seveso – Liquid Metals

Alberto Seveso - Liquid Metals

Alberto Seveso - Liquid Metals

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