An Artist & Her Sketchbook | Maria Diletta Rondoni | Episode 887

Maria Diletta Rondoni | Episode 887

Maria Diletta Rondoni is an Italian artist based in Umbria, Italy. After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia in 2012-majoring in painting–her artistic research explored possibilities from different materials, such as ceramic, metal working, and glass. Maria Diletta focused her interest in clay taking ceramics classes in Deruta where she learned ancient techniques such as Etruscan bucchero and terra sigillata. In 2017 Maria Diletta studied porcelain techniques at the Ceramic Art School “Romano Ranieri” in Deruta and at the FACC-Faenza Art Ceramic Center, Faenza, Italy. Over the last few years Maria Diletta traveled to Europe, Sri Lanka, and Australia. These travels inspired her aesthetic vision. Maria Diletta’s artworks belong to private collections in Italy and abroad.


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Do you keep a sketchbook for your work?

Yes, of course I have. I have my sketchbooks and also I record in it drawing colors to get some ideas with me usually.

That’s for developing the idea. Do you also record in your sketchbook what you are doing to each piece so that you remember how it was created?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes I also should write down after firing the result of everything, the process I use, and the color, yes, the firing and the process for each work. And yes, but sometimes the final step I don’t do. In general I make a lot of sketch before for preparing to work, yes.

Do you take your sketchbook when you are out and about in the community or its it something that you do only in the studio?

I think in general I am always in the studio but when I am around I take it with me, yes. Sometimes I need to sketch down one idea so yes, I usually have it with me.

Have you ever tried to go digital and use an iPhone or iPad  or a tablet to capture ideas?

No. Only with my photos. I make a lot of photos, it’s a way to recall of course. But no I am really traditional I guess.

Do you keep your sketchbooks for years? In other words, do you have volumes with dates on them?

It’s not so precise. (laughter) I have a lot and it’s not so precise and very confusing.

How often do you go back and reference your sketchbooks?

During the day or week or maybe during the process. It depends. Usually use them once a day, sometimes less if I work and focus on the work. Especially if I have to prepare a series or something then I am focused a lot on drawing.

Do you ever sketch with your eyes closed just to get a feel for an idea?

With the eyes closed, yes. I watched The Natural and I draw with my interior eyes. You open and close the eyes at the same time.


The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky


Instagram: @mdilettarondoni

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