I recently started collecting some art on Objkt and I’m enjoying how different it is than the other realms of the NFT space. I love seeing artists releasing affordable work so that other artists can actually own it—giving everyone a chance to experience being a collector. Can you talk about your experience with art on Tezos specifically?

I started minting my work on Ethereum in February 2021, then I minted my first work on Tezos in April of 2021. Ethereum was my entry point to web3 and it is a great blockchain but it’s also very costly: it’s expensive to mint a work, and it’s also expensive to collect, so aside from the technological and knowledge barrier, there’s also a financial barrier. Tezos is interesting because of its low barrier of entry financially, which makes it more accessible for many artists who don’t have a lot of financial resources. You can sell editions and works at a very low price, it’s more accessible to collect, and a lot of artists who are selling their work on Tezos also collect works from other artists. So instead of just being an artist selling your work, you’re an artist and a collector, which creates all sorts of interesting dynamics.

For example, whenever I find new artists on Tezos, I look at the works they’ve collected. From there I discover new artists, and so on. It’s a different way to connect with other creatives, and to see how they engage with the ecosystem. Everyone tends to use twitter to promote their work and so this also gives an opportunity to chat with an artist, to develop relationships, collaborations, etc. Ethereum tends to feel centered on artists from North America and Europe, but on Tezos you have large communities of artists from South America, Asia, Africa. You encounter much more diversity. The quality of the art, the financial accessibility and the general ethos makes it a very exciting ecosystem. I discovered Tezos thanks to a good friend and amazing artist called P1xelfool, who is based in Brazil. P1xel spent an entire day onboarding me, showing me works from different artists, sending me twitter profiles to follow. We started collecting each other’s works, and we’ve been talking ever since about how that act of collecting among artists is one of the most exciting things we have encountered in our careers so far.


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