AR activates new gameplay, WIMI enriches the application experience of AR entertainment product

HONG KONG, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, the development momentum of AR and VR technology has been rapid, bursting with strong vitality. Driven by new technologies, various industries have also shown new development characteristics. AR and VR are immersive technologies that everyone can use to participate in the exploration of the new world.With the help of 5G, it is very likely to promote the development of VR/AR games, and it will also further promote the emergence of diversified game forms and inject new vitality into the game market.

Two years ago, on Apple’s ARKit platform, Disney brought all chess games to iOS devices and can experience them for free. The iOS experience is the same as the mirage discovered in the Jedi Challenge series. Players can use 18 different maps and summon 8 creatures, each with its characteristics, to complete the game.

Some game companies have moved the game to your living room through AR. Recently, Nintendo announced a Mario AR racing game. In “Mario Kart Live: Family Tour”, Nintendo stated that players can freely place Labo props to customize the venue, and players can unlock various track customization items and Mario or Luigi’s costumes in the game. The interaction, props, and feel of the game track are similar to the design of the regular version. The difference is that the game track is around your family and your living room.

Specifically, players can set any place they think of as a track and use the “track gate” to customize the track as they like. In addition, all interactions between the toy kart and the real scene (such as collision with obstacles) will be truly reflected in the game.

In addition to game development companies, some government agencies have also discovered the potential of AR games. This year, the Korea Tourism Development Agency has closely followed the current hot spots and customized AR mini games for Korean tourism. When game experiencers light up landmarks, various information will be displayed, such as visas, scenic spots, and tourism products. Game experiencers can selectively read related content according to personal needs. Besides, after the game is over, they can participate in the lottery.

The combination of AR and games brings not only a simple superposition of technology, but also an upgrade of gameplay and user experience. In recent years, as AI technologies such as gesture recognition, face recognition, and voice recognition have matured, perception capabilities of the hardware environment have continued to increase, and more interesting gameplay is gradually becoming a reality. The continuous development of technology makes more imagination possible.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has a leading AR holographic application platform in China, which is currently mainly used in entertainment, advertising, education, and other industries. Besides,its hardware environment is relatively mature, which is very beneficial to the development of software and content in these fields.

WIMI is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider. Its business covers multiple links of the Hologram AR technology, including Hologram computer visual AI synthesis, Hologram visual presentation, Hologram interactive software development, Hologram AR online and offline advertising, Hologram ARSDK payment, as well as 5G Hologram communication software development. WIMI’s commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field theater, performing arts system, commercial publishing system, and advertising display system.

The immersive experience is a panoramic interactive experience of vision, touch, hearing, and smell, so that visitors are placed in a virtual world. At the same time, immersive experience is becoming more and more extensive in the development of AR products, which greatly enriches the user’s product experience.

The holographic technology of WIMI, in simple terms, is through AR holographic technology, allowing viewers to watch the true restoration of holographic characters or scenes with the naked eye, and the user experience can be described as breathtaking.

With the widespread application of holographic AR and other technologies, new content that integrates sensory experience will emerge endlessly. WIMI has established a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China. Moreover, it owns about 4654 AR holographic contents, 106 software copyrights, and 219 technical patents.

At the same time, AI technology is continuously upgraded with new algorithms. In-depth computing makes information processing more efficient, and 3D effects will be more realistic. On the one hand, WIMI keeps optimizing the existing realistic experience; on the other hand, it keeps expanding the implementation of new scenes.

The holographic AR entertainment products of WIMI Hologram Cloud include payment middleware software, game distribution platform, and holographic MR software. Payment middleware software mainly refers to the company’s software that can be fully integrated with various types of mobile applications. The game distribution platform refers to the 233Game Platform online game distribution platform launched by WIMI in 2018. As of 2018, 150 applications have been published or docked on the platform.

MR software is a comprehensive holographic application platform independently developed by WIMI. It includes multiple modules, allowing end-users to edit and display holographic AR content and create custom visual effects.

With the development of AR holographic technology, it is particularly conducive to the promotion of AR applications in cultural and entertainment fields. WIMI is also actively carrying out layout and business expansion in these areas. Technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft are also deploying in the AR field, increasing investment in research and development of AR technology, and vigorously promoting breakthroughs in AR technology. In the future, AR will set off a new wave.

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