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The Art Deco era was very much a breath of fresh air when it emerged in 1920. It was named after the ‘International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts’ exhibition, which was held in Paris in the early 1920s. This followed a long period of blandness, as the world recovered from WWI, and the bold lines and rich colour of the Art Deco style was very welcome to European society.

The Art Deco period continued until 1935, yet the striking designs of the jewellery of that time is still trendy to this day. If you love this dynamic look, here are a few styling tips for wearing Art Deco jewellery.

  • Single Statement Piece – This is the perfect strategy; choose a stunning Art Deco piece that showcases your look and if there’s nothing in your jewellery box that fits, the online antique dealer has you covered. Another good thing about genuine Art Deco jewellery is the investment aspect; every piece will appreciate in value, it’s just a question of by how much. You can acquire a great collection over the years, a pair of earrings here, a necklace or bracelet there; Christmas and birthdays are opportunities to receive real antique jewellery.
  • Don’t Overdo Things – Accessorising needs some self-control. It isn’t a question of the more, the merrier, rather a subtle inclusion of one or maybe two Art Deco pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You could easily stumble on the perfect arrangement; this a great way to spend a free Sunday afternoon, lay out all your jewellery on the bed, put on an outfit and start exploring the possibilities.
  • Wear With Modern Outfits – When you wear that cool business suit, Art Deco jewellery is the perfect accessory. A rectangular amber brooch, for example, oozes sophistication and there are antique dealers that focus on jewellery. Browse their website and you are bound to find the perfect business suit piece. Stud earrings work well with a formal look and the antique dealer has an extensive catalogue of genuine Art Deco pieces.
  • The 1920s Look – What better jewellery to wear than Art Deco? Goes with the territory and completes the outfit. If you are invited to a swanky club for a 1920s bash, nail it with genuine Art Deco jewellery from an online antique dealer. Google Images can bring you some jewellery inspiration and there are lots of online fashion mags that have fantastic tips for accessorising with Art Deco.
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There’s no doubt that Art Deco jewellery is as popular today as it was when it first emerged onto the scene. There are many ways that you can style your wardrobe with this unique type of jewellery.


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