Art With Mr. E: Collaborative Yard Sign Monsters!



We’ve been working on this project since last nine weeks, and this week it made a grand appearance in the front of our school for the world to see (or at least our neighborhood!).  

This year we received a “grant” from Lowe’s.  We were asked what we wanted for our school, and the teachers/staff were able to make suggestions of how to use the funds.  I asked for yard signs.  I use to do a lot of our door projects, but as the community changed…I realized I was no longer able to do so (things would get completely destroyed!).  I figured if we created some collaborative projects on yard signs, I could put them out in the morning & bring them back inside at the end of the school day!  

I had all the students (K-4th) create sign monster drawings(with color).  I explained that I wanted them to have personality & express an emotion. They also had to keep them in a rectangle format.   I then went through the classes and pulled the best of the best.  I then narrowed down the designs based on color, expression, and grade level representation.  I transferred the design to the blank yard signs  as exact as I could (You could also put it on the projector and have students do it if you wanted…and had the time.).  I then had 3rd and 4th grade students paint the signs according to how the students colored their original design.  I went back in and did some black outlines & put an outdoor varnish on top of the acrylic.  

This is the 3rd day of me putting them out for the community to see, and we’ve gotten some amazing positive responses!  




Each day I’ve moved them to different places in the front of our school.  I want to make sure that everyone coming either way will get a chance to see them.  

If you have questions….please feel free to email me/contact me on social media.


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