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Yep, you have plenty of people who teach you how to make things.

There are others who will teach you how to promote it, how to hack Instagram, or make a video of your work. Or, like me, who help you focus on relationship marketing because it’s the people you know and connect with that will make the biggest positive difference in your art business and career.

But to know what a real artist’s life looks like on a daily basis, you have to study and talk to those artists. Short of visiting their studios, you read their biographies. Watch their videos. Listen to them on podcasts, like The Art Biz.

This latest episode is one of those episodes about being an artist. About living and being committed to the artist’s life.

Geoffrey Gorman talks about what it’s like to be a working artist, an identity he came to later in life and has sustained for nearly two decades.

Geoffrey and I discuss his background as a furniture maker, gallery dealer, and artist consultant and how each role has contributed to his life as an artist. He also talks extensively and instructionally about how he approaches his work and where he finds inspiration.

You’ll hear Geoffrey’s take on how the art world is changing and his advice to artists in the rapidly-evolving market.

Like gallery director Jeremy Tessmer in episode 123, Geoffrey says flat out: Your best resource is another artist.


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