Bronx artist channels Hispanic, American family heritage through art


News 12 is highlighting a Bronx artist who is using their talent to channel their family history.

Mirroring personal family experiences, highlighting Bronx culture and paying homage to their ancestors are just some of the things that fuel artist Katherine Miranda’s work.

Katherine’s work draws from their Mexican, Puerto Rican and American heritage and acts as a reflection of their experiences. They use recycled objects to create art that reveals the powerful message of community.

The Bronx artist says the height of their creativity peaked at what they say couldn’t have been a more difficult time – the pandemic.

“Once the pandemic hit, it really became like me in like an incubation cube,” they say.

Katherine adds they have also found a passion in using the very famous café bustle as a canvas to imprint images that give you a glimpse into their personal life but can also resonate with anyone who associates the brand with home, family and culture.

Their greatest inspiration yet? Katherine’s grandfather, whom they say they were named after but never got to meet and uses art as a way to incorporate memories.

One of their goals is to actively involve the community in connecting with their ancestors and heritage through art.

Katherine says they are looking forward to integrating and creating more art that not only reflects their family history, but the community’s.


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