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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. David Fullarton: I Lied About Being An Artist. A short film by Blake Bogosian
2. PLASTIK. Directed by Philip Rom
3. Catherine Opie b. 1961
4. On the Fringe of Remembering: a Lecture on Memoryscapes on the Street

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Wouldn’t be the first time, this imposter’s syndrome variant crops up in many people’s lives – that one where you feel that you may be misrepresenting yourself as an artist.

“It’s like I’m inhabiting a character.”

“I mean it’s not really me. It is. Maybe it is, I don’t know.”

An irked and uncomfortable Gen X white artist guy is bemused by life, after the rage has died down into a realization of the absurdity of it all.

Using illustration, collage, word-smithing and artful sloganeering, the artist has developed his own process and version of this thing called ‘visual language’.

“I hope that the humor can maybe make people be a bit more accepting and forgiving of our shared human flaws.”

David Fullarton: I Lied About Being An Artist. A short film by Blake Bogosian

PLASTIK. Directed by Philip Rom

Blissful daily scenes revealed as dystopian – but delivered in the sweetest way. Hopefully not so sweet that you won’t do anything about all that plastic you are using and throwing away….

Catherine Opie b. 1961

“I think that my portraits hold people,” says the realist photographer without irony. It’s good to hear the re-telling of her own story to appreciate the evolution of an artists life and how it is reflected in their work, and vice versa.

“I’m making the work because it was really important for me….” begins one sentence about one of her chapters as a photographer, but it can apply to all of the. Bearing witness, observing the temporality of life, looking at relationships of modern people to modern society.

On the Fringe of Remembering: a Lecture on Memoryscapes on the Street

Ljubljana Street Art Festival 2022 is underway as we reported HERE yesterday. The festival includes a day of conferences, talks, and panel discussions including practitioners of the art form, academics, cultural workers, and scholars. Below we share with you the last panel of the day. If you are interested in the first 4 panels click HERE.

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