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About Caroline Beelher

Caroline Beelher, born in California, grew up in the South and is currently living in Franklin, Tennessee. After attending a classical Christian school, she finally got into art college at the O’More College of Design. Today she defines herself as a paper artist. She spent the rest of her twenties moving around to disparate places, including Shanghai, Italy, L.A., and Bloomington, Indian, because she worried she’d settle down and never see the world. Besides art, she likes learning about gardening, shoe design, woodworking, and writing. 

Caroline Beelher
Farmers Market – Caroline Beelher
Caroline Beelher
The Factory of Franklin detail – Caroline Beelher
Caroline Beelher
Wildflower – Caroline Beelher

Hello Caroline, when or how have you understood you wanted to become an artist?

Probably around ninth grade, after drawing a portrait of a family friend’s daughter who died tragically at age 4. It touched the parents profoundly, and I realized the impact art could have.

Can you briefly say something about your technique and tell us what drives you to make art?

I call my technique paper painting. I create impressionistic works by gluing tiny pieces of hand-cut, brush-stroke-shaped magazine paper onto canvas. Up close, you see lots of great microcosms. I’ve always loved paper and wanted to see it pushed to the limits.

Caroline Beelher
The Factory of Franklin – Caroline Beelher
Caroline Beelher
Main Street

What main feature has changed in your works or practice throughout the years?

I’d say purpose. While I always hope to beautify and inspire a space, I think now my mission is more precise. These days I want to create works that document our times, like a journalist, or rally people to buy art that helps fund a cause, like, say, ending human trafficking.

Which artist primarily inspires your work? And is there something else, outside visual arts, that keeps you motivated?

Antoni Gaudi is always an inspiration. His critics complained that his work was baroque and overly imaginative. Amazing- such an insult would be, to me, a high compliment. His work and life touch me equally.

How would you like people to engage with your work?

I hope people who buy my originals enjoy getting lost in the sea of images. I spend hundreds of hours jamming together thousands and thousands of images, textures, words, and symbols on a canvas, sourced from pop culture, history, nature, fashion, and whatever else you find in print. My works engage you like a person you enjoy. They make you curious.

Caroline Beelher
Italian Chickens 
Caroline Beelher
Hong Kong Family 

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