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Decatur art exhibit builds a world with Legos | Arts and Theatre

The process opened up Carney’s imagination to what could be recreated with the small plastic pieces. “The building is really fun.” he said. “But there’s lots of stuff going on.”

During her research, Fawley learned the artwork was not only formed from original creations, but created through kits as well.

“I talked to more people and learned more about Lego, it made sense to me to include kit-building as well,” she said about the February exhibit. “Every builder starts with a kit. It’s how they learn the system. From there, they begin to decide to swap out colors, or change details, and then the possibilities become endless.”

The process may start small. “But can grow,” Fawley said. “We want to show people various stages of that process of creativity.”

Many of the exhibit pieces are inspired by books. Organizers partnered with the Decatur Public Library to create a Lego Challenge. “Where people can submit photos of creative builds that were inspired by books,” Fawley said.

February Art Exhibits

ANNE LLOYD GALLERY. The Decatur Area Arts Council downtown gallery will feature the 3D and 2D Lego creation exhibit.

BLUE CONNECTION. The Millikin University’s student-run art gallery will be closed until further notice.