Get the lowdown on digital art


Get the lowdown on digital art

published : 22 Mar 2022 at 04:00

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photo courtesy of Hub Of Photography

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photo courtesy of Hub Of Photography

Four experts in the digital art industry will speak at “Myth & Realities: The Confluence Of Myth And Reality In The NFT Art Industry” at the Hop Photo Gallery, 3rd floor of Seacon Square, Srinakarin Road, on Saturday from 1-4 pm.

Held in collaboration with The Moon Crypto & NFT Cafe, the special lecture will bring up four topics regarding the digital art industry. They will be rendered by four digital art trading specialists who are proficient in the fields of creating and minting pieces onto platforms, investing and collecting pieces to increase value, to the regulations and laws that apply to working in this field.

A curator from Serindia Studio, Shane Suvikapakornkul will touch on the history of photography from past to present and the creation of the “Mint” exhibition which is running at Hop Photo Gallery until April 17, including the future direction of the NFT art industry.

An independent collector and metaverse curator, Watjanasin “Note” Charuwattanakitti will be sharing his experience of collecting, investing and buying different types of NFTs in different markets.

Worophot “Boy” Tharasiriskul from J Ventures Co will take the audience into the world of NFTs to learn about the creation process of each type of work, how to convert the work into an NFT and put it up for sale to further increase the value of the piece.

Meanwhile, Suhansa “Ada” Jarurattana from Artistsm will offer some facts on the laws and regulations regarding digital art, as well as essential information that both creators and collectors should know in order to use the works in real life and reduce conflicts.

The lecture will be conducted in Thai. Seats are limited to 60 persons and advance booking is required.


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