How to Make Money with Your Instagram Posts


Every single post on social media can be an opportunity to get more customers and make money.


But you have to be strategic about it. You need to post with purpose, not just randomly upload a video you happened to take earlier, without any changes. If you do that, you won’t generate business for yourself.


Okay, what does it mean to post strategically?


Always include specific information. What can people buy from you? Where can they buy it? How to get there, step by step? Add this information and you can generate income with every post.


There are 3 ways to add all this:

  • Text caption for (posts, reels)

  • Voice-over (all types of posts)

  • Dynamic voice-over captions (for videos, more on this later)

So say you’re announcing an upcoming class in a reel. Put the specific date in the reel, say what’s in the class, and say how people can sign up (for example: “Click the link in the bio” or “Go to”).


When the reel gets shared after the class has been released, anyone who’ll see it will realize the class is available. The specific details hook the viewer. They are a trigger-an opportunity to convert a potential customer into an actual customer.


Important: You can’t control when and how people view your posts, so include relevant information everywhere you can. Use every available way to convey your offer.


A lot of people browse Instagram stories and reels without sound. If you just say what you’re offering in the audio voice-over, someone browsing Instagram at work might not be able to listen to it.


So add dynamic captions for your voice over. That way, you maximize the chances that a potential customer will hear or see your offer. You’ll find a detailed guide on how to do that here. This automatically displays your words as you speak (though you need to type them out first).


Posting strategically and including specific information with every post will add up. By always inviting people to do business with you, more people will do so. Your persistence will pay dividends long into the future. When someone reposts one of your posts, all the necessary information for how to do business with you will be right there. More people will know about you, what you do, and how they can support you.


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