I will promote my native language and culture through art


Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. A
Mongolian woman appeared in a show business in Taiwan for the first time. A twenty-three-year-old
B. Sarantuya is fluent in English and Chinese and strives to promote her native
Mongolian language and culture through art. She is a member of the Taiwanese
girl band ‘HUR’, which has been gaining immense popularity since
its debut. ‘HUR’ made its official debut in January 2021,
releasing its single album ‘Pain Killer’. B.Sarantuya gave an interview to news site ‘gogo.mn’, speaking about her story of
becoming a lead singer of the ‘HUR’, the challenges she faced, her plans for the
future, and her dreams.

– When did you first
go to Taiwan?

finishing the Secondary School No: 28 of Ulaanbaatar, I studied in South Korea,
and then went to Taiwan in 2017. In Taiwan, I studied business administration
at Mingdao University. When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a designer,
but I chose to study business. I really liked the business sector. Now, I am a
member of a new girl band whose goal is to be recognized in Asia and around the
world in the future.

– How did you
become a member of the

advised by my teacher and a friend in the university, I participated in the
Taiwanese survival show “DD52” (Dancing Diamond 52). A total of 52
girls out of 1000 girls, who competed in the show, remained in the final round.
52 girls, divided into four groups according to the suit of playing cards, went
through various tests to compete for a place in the new idol group. Our group
was called “Hurricane” (or Ace of Spades) and we took the second
place in the show. After the show, Taiwanese
AOA Entertainment suggested us to form a new girl

-What does the
name of your group mean?

HUR is an abbreviation for the word Hurricane or the Ace of Spades. We
released our first single
Pain Killer on January 2021.

-What did you
feel after the debut of the group?

I was very excited and grateful to everyone who supported me. When our song was
ready to be released, I was overjoyed, thinking that this is the result of all
of our hard work, energy and effort we made. Since then, many songs have been

-How did your
family and friends react to your achievement? How do they support you?

parents didn’t know that I could sing, but when they found out about it, they
supported me very well. They all love to hear me sing. Now my parents, brothers
and sisters are my number one fans (laughs).

-What is the
first question Taiwanese people ask when they find out that you are a

am often asked if I live in a Mongolian ger (yurt). They are very interested in
what kind of dwellings the Mongols live.

-What is the most
challenging thing to work in the music industry abroad?

of whether it
s a domestic or foreign
industry, an artist needs to be highly skilled. Everything depends on effort. A
goal-oriented person achieves the goals. I felt the need to be very persistent.

 -How do you
promote your country?

try to promote our Mongolian language and culture through art. A new album was
recently released called “HUR-revelation”, and some parts of the
songs included in the album were sung in Mongolian.



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