Introducing the 2022 Honors Art Exhibition’s ‘Best of Show’ : University of Dayton, Ohio


By Kaitlin Lewis

Each year, Honors students of all majors are invited to submit artwork to the annual Honors Art Exhibition. The Exhibition, which is displayed in Alumni Hall, encourages students to engage in self-expression through visual art.

This year, 38 pieces were selected for the show across several different mediums, from photography to digital art. Submissions are judged for the show based on artistic merit as well as how the pieces relate to each other. UD professor of art and design, Roger Crum, served as the judge for this year’s exhibition. 

Pieces that are selected to be displayed receive a $100 scholarship each. In addition, one artist is selected as “Best of Show” and receives a $500 scholarship. 

In this year’s Exhibition, two artists were chosen for Best of Show: sophomore Isaac Burkart and junior Mira Holifield. 

Holifield, a graphic design major, told the Honors Office that she chose to enter the art show because it is a great opportunity to showcase her work outside of the Art and Design department.

“As a graphic design major, art and design make up the majority of my studies here at UD,” Holifield added. “I enjoy participating in the Art Show each year because it’s cool to see artwork from students outside the Art and Design department.”

Holifield submitted her artwork titled “Space,” which was created during her first year at UD. Holifield explained that the artwork is a mixed media piece using pen tracings, thread, paint and photography. 

In addition to her Best in Show piece, Holifield also submitted two other artworks – a painting and a photograph – adding that she doesn’t have many opportunities to share her fine art pieces. 

“I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember,” Holifield said. “It’s always been a huge part of my life and a way for me to destress and express my creativity.”

Holifield said this was her third year submitting artwork for the Honors Exhibition, and she plans on entering for her final time next year as well.

“I’d like to thank the Honors Program for being so supportive of the arts and for offering this opportunity for students across all majors,” Holifield added.


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