Is medium format photography worth it? Here’s what a professional thinks


When you’re a professional photographer, or hoping to make money from your photography in any capacity at all, you’ll probably be tempted to acquire one of the best medium format cameras (opens in new tab). This is especially true if you’re a landscape photographer, where capturing maximum detail has traditionally been seen as highly important, as well as for commercial applications, as clients may request very large file sizes.

Of course, as with everything in photography, such equipment comes at a price, both in terms of initial financial outlay and in terms of the increase in the storage required, to say nothing of the demands it places on the processing power of your computer system. Of course not everyone needs a big sensor, otherwise the best camera phones (opens in new tab) wouldn’t be doing so well.

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Paul Sanders

Edenbridge, Kent The cameras are heavier, but weigh this against the boost in resolution (Image credit: Paul Sanders)

About Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders

(Image credit: Paul Sanders)

A former Reuters photographer and picture editor for The Times, now an acclaimed fine art landscape photographer, Paul leads photographic tours and iPhoneography courses, as well as one-to-one workshops for people with mental health issues. (opens in new tab)


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