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Janice K. Johnson

Shayda Campbell’s Joyful Watercolor Workshop is now open and it’s completely FREE to watch and paint along! Shayda is a Canadian artist and YouTube content creator. Her channel is a calm, inspirational space where you can approach the basics of watercolor painting, illustration, journaling, and more! She aims to take the fear out of the artistic process and encourage adults toward a casual, daily art practice. ‘Because creativity is play, anyone can do it!’  She’s teaching us her best watercolor tips in this four-video series.

In this workshop, you’ll fill a watercolor sketchbook with playful illustrations, beautiful floral compositions, watercolor techniques, and finished pieces.  Shayda will help you feel confident, calm, and creative in your art-making journey.

You can watch the video lessons here.  The supply list is available on the workshop site so you can get all of the materials needed to follow along.



As the foundation of your artwork, paper is the natural place to start and plays a huge role in the success of your artwork. Always choose a quality paper that allows multiple layers and reworking. In this workshop series we will be working with the following papers:



Other Supplies:

  • Palette
  • Paper Towel
  • 2 jars of water
  • Pencil
  • Masking or washi tape


► Lesson 1: Watercolor Illustrations

Paint along as Shayda explores watercolor doodle illustrations to practice and let your inner child play.

► Lesson 2: Filling Our Sketchbook

Grab a sketchbook and get ready to experiment with some different watercolor techniques.

► Lesson 3: Watercolor Florals

In this lesson, we’ll practice various flowers and leaves together with the goal of working our florals into a finished piece.

► Lesson 4: Watercolor Self Portrait

In the final lesson, we’ll use watercolors to create a self-portrait!


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