Kettle Art Gallery presents Brad Albright: “Albright, Albright, Albright” opening reception


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Brad Albright

Brad Albright

Photo courtesy of Brad Albright

Kettle Art Gallery will present artist Brad Albright in his first ever solo show, “Albright, Albright, Albright.”

Albright is Dallas-based artist and freelance illustrator best known for his modern approach to old school 3D poster art with red/blue glasses. His drawn artwork celebrates a shared love of pop-culture, music and gaming while presenting them in novel ways that utilize interactivity, dimensionality, and nostalgia to blur the line between fine art and accessible fun.

His work is infused with a traditional printmaking background, but applied through a modern illustrators toolkit; producing detailed line art with ballpoint pen, digital tablet, and a range of software, printers, laser and die-cutters. Both designed and presented with paper glasses, Brad’s 3D work seeks to engage and invite viewers into immersive scenes, accessible and familiar on the surface, but revealing deeper layers of story, detail, and intrigue upon closer inspection.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on view through September 4.


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