Lil Baby Said Working With Kanye West In Wyoming Was ‘Inspiring’

Last summer, during a series of tweets, Kanye West proclaimed Lil Baby as his favorite rapper but said he “won’t do a song with me.” Days later the Atlanta rapper revealed that he was unaware that Kanye wanted to collaborate with him.

“Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song [face with monocle emoji] that’s f*cced up,” he said before adding, “@kanyewest no disrespect nobody told me [shrugging emoji].” A month later, the two were spotted in the studio working on what appeared to be new music. In a recent profile with NME, Lil Baby shared what it was like working with Kanye and why he “respected” the rapper for the opportunity.

“[After the tweets] I tried to reach out to him,” he said. “I got his number to give each other a direct line then he sent me on a jet to Wyoming – and the rest is history.” He also said the compliment from Kanye was “definitely amazing to hear” and noted it’s not a compliment West throws around often.

“It’s not a regular thing that a lot of people get. A lot of people never get that opportunity or would die for that opportunity,” he said. “And the fact that I wasn’t even pressing for that opportunity and I got it – I think I respected [that] more.”

When he was asked about the music he and Kanye worked on, Lil Baby didn’t share too much about it saying, “he had some songs that I started to lead on.” He added, “I didn’t actually see [West] work on music too much… but I saw him working more in a different form – working on his clothing line and his shoes. That’s even more inspiring than the music.”

(via NME)

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