Listening To Your Heart When Your Mind Disagrees | Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Janice K. Johnson

Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka, born on the 13th November 1987 in Warsaw, is a ceramic, sculptor, and ceramic instructor at the Garden of Arts ceramic studio in Warsaw, Poland. Paulina has graduated from Sculpture Faculty, The Academy of the Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015.  Paulina recently built her own wood-fired kiln.


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Why do you think there is sometimes a conflict between the heart and the mind?

So you know, I think it is quite natural, the conflict between mind and heart because as we say in polish, we very often would like to have a cake and eat a cake.

We have the same phrase. 

Yes, you have the same phrase. So especially for people who have a lot of interests it is quite common that we have such inisde conflict.

When you were trying to make that decision how loud was the voice of “reason”? How loud was that voice telling you, This won’t work

I think louder was the voice that it will work. And to encourage this voice I was slowly, slowly, becoming more engaged into our family business. Coming to work at the workshops after my regular job so I was trying to decrease the possibility of failure and I was feeling that is the moment because my mom is becoming….not older, but she needs more help. So I was always thinking that this moment will happen, but I was only thinking when would be the right moment.

How did you know it was time to take the leap?

When I was feeling so super tired working sometimes thirteen, fourteen, hours a day. And I was feeling it was too much for me. That I need to resign from something because it will be like this, I will just start becoming ill. Seriously.

It’s been five months, has the voice quieted down in your mind in terms of this isn’t going to work, this is going to work out?

No. I think when I made the decision I thought, Okay, it needs to work. 

It just needs to work as a necessity.


Was it easier having partners to go on the journey with you and having your mom and step dad involved?

Yeah, of course. Of course it was a big help for me because I could learn from them. We still work together and I have taken on more responsibilities and administration jobs. It’s really good if you have members of your family you can rely on.

How important was it for you to visualize a future of success for you to be able to make that jump?

Yes, I think so. I was thinking about different scenarios. Generally, everything I do I try to visualize it earlier. So it was quite a long process but of course it helped me a lot.




Adventures of a Young Naturalist by David Attenborough 


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