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About Lynne Brouwer

Lynne Brouwer is a young Dutch visual artist (1992) who uses photographydesign, and psychology to examine kind human surroundings and related objects. Her work could be defined as research design as she analyses the human psyche’s expression, the motivation behind acts, and an exciting dynamic that will involve strange realities and darker edges of human behavior. 

Lynne attempts to find always a matching form of similitude, a metaphor, to show a peculiar characteristic of action, all for a better understanding of the wide range of existing emotions. Lynne has a strong graphic design influence, an aesthetic that will always distinguish all her layouts. However, she stretches from documentary photo series and still lives to collages, depending on the chosen story.

Design for Discomfort

Lynne Brouwer graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts with honors with the project ‘Design for Discomfort.’ The project is a photo series depicting rough and burdening places such as courts and prisons. It explores the boundaries between ethics and aesthetics, focusing on the use of interior design for decor and control space.

This project has been featured and exhibited internationally, including at the Salone del Mobile, the Van Abbe Museum, and the Dutch Design Week. Her work has been awarded, amongst others, the Silver Camera Award for the Best National Documentary Series and the Overduin Award.

A Strange Paradise

‘A Strange Paradise’ is a commissioned collage series for The Correspondent. It concerns feminist Utopia as described in literature throughout the years and the importance of gender equality within our society and environment. Alongside her personal collages, Lynne is also a freelance photo editor holding Dutch newspapers NRC Handelsblad and in her CV, and recently joined the newsroom of Het Parool. As a matter of fact, Brouwer has regular commissions by NRC, Het Parool, and De Correspondent for her photographic design. Sometimes we may find her collaborating with Nick van Tiem, a photographer with whom Lynne produces design and organizes exhibitions and other artistic interbìventions. As for today, Lynne lives and works in Amsterdam.




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