Meet the Artists Behind Limited Edition Displates


Shoes and socks, salt and pepper, Displates and the talented artists who design them. It’s time to celebrate the stunning Limited Edition Displates made in collaboration with some very very cool artists.

As some of you might know, for the past few months we’ve been releasing a brand-new limited-edition Displate design every week that only a few lucky collectors can get their hands on. None of those drops would’ve been possible without the talented artists who’ve designed LE’s in collaboration with us.

We’ve decided to tell you a little bit more about them, and take this opportunity to show you their LEs, plus as we always do, we’ll geek out about why we absolutely love LE Displates.

So, without further ado, here are some breathtaking Limited Edition Displates made in collaboration with artists.

Stanislav Lunin Limited Edition Displate

Stand With Ukraine Limited Edition

Our stand with Ukraine Limited Edition depicts a fierce warrior that represents the bravery and strength of Ukrainians during this time.

We’ve recently made a call for designers to join a movement to make art, not war, focused on standing with every Ukrainian needing support. 

Scandygirl Limited Edition Displates

Taking inspiration from the wildlife, Jonna Hyttinen, the artist better known as Scandygirl, shows animals how we all should see them.  She uses a decorative style and dynamic compositions to create powerful, magical creatures that need our respect and admiration. 

Among the many sought after designs by Scandygirl are these awesome LE designs featuring animal spirits. Scandygirl has an awe-inspiring ability to capture the essence of many cool wild animals in a skilful way.

Stefan Koidl’s Limited Edition Displates

Dragons make for a beautiful piece of art, especially when they’re designed by someone as talented as Stefan Koidl.

Inspired by all things that don’t exist, Stefan Koidl turns his imagination into theatrical scenes that play on our nerves. He takes us to the dark side of our minds and tells us stories that do not let us sleep. Being mainly self-taught, the artist confirms that his unbelievable art skills result from talent, hard work, and motivation.

Nak Bali Limited Edition Displate

If you wished to get his limited edition Displate then you had barely a few hours before it was sold out. Herri Susanto, also known as Nak Bali gives us breathtaking photo manipulations knowing that we all need some magic in life. 

Man oh man we never expected how excited everyone would be about the designs and the reception thus far has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’re also thrilled that the artists we collaborate with, in making these awesome prints feel just as stoked about it as we do.

Inward Limited Edition Displates

Annibale Siconolfi aka Inward turns the problems of current society into futuristic, dystopian scenes, and he draws attention to every detail. 

We absolutely love these two LEs made with Inward and know that every collector holds them close as prized possessions.

Is There A Demand for Limited Edition Displates?

Hell yeah, there is! People are obsessively waiting in anticipation every single week for the Limited Edition Displates. It’s also insane that some LE Displates sell out within 1 or 2 days of their official release. Mind-Blowing right!

Spacefrog Designs Limited Edition Displates

What we love the most about SpaceFrog Designs is the fact that they understand and recreate our deep necessity to explore nature to its fullest. They won the hearts of millions of people who want to give their lives some true wildness and beauty.

Spacefrog has an eye for underwater beauty. Making subjects like Koi fish and snakes look beautiful in these Limited Edition Displates.

Who Creates The Designs For Limited Edition Displates?

Every single one of our limited edition designs has a pretty epic story and all of them are made by talented artists that we are absolutely blessed and happy to partner with. This is an exclusive task, and only a few people can get the chance to create Limited Edition Displates with us.

Studio 324 Limited Edition Displates

Ruby Art Limited Edition Displates

Canadian by birth and Japanese by heart, Ruby Art is a self-taught artist from Quebec. Mixing traditional art skills with her digital painting process, she creates art influenced by anime and manga.

Benny Productions LEs

Entertaining people with art seems difficult, but not when Benny Productions takes charge. Mastering his Photoshop skills to perfection, he gives his audience a real feast for the eyes.

Why Are Limited Edition Displates Popular Among Collectors?

Well, firstly it’s because they’re extraordinarily unique and stunning. But that’s not all. You might be asking what’s the coolest thing about having a limited edition design? Well, think about it for a moment, if one of your artworks was only available to a select few people, in a limited quantity, it would create scarcity, which creates a sense of urgency because if there are only a few of a certain really nice design available, it becomes hard to get unless you are one of the 1st to buy.

Ilustrata Limited Edition Displate

Sushi Dragon Attack! Limited Edition Displate

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not when it comes to Ilustrata studio where three talented designers are a perfect complement to each other. Living and creating in Brazil, they are strongly inspired by the Japanese culture, video games and cats.

A lot of artists drive up the value of their artworks using Limited Edition drops. 

Icosphere Limited Edition Displates

Indian visual artist Rahul Das, aka Icosphere, blends futuristic environments with a synthwave touch and creates truly 3-d(ope) art. He builds theatrical sceneries filled with tension and makes the impression that the lone figure faces something greater

Would You Pay over $1000 USD for A Limited Edition Displate?

Well, guess what! Some people totally would. Limited edition Displates are selling for so much more on the resale market it’s insane, a few eBay searches will show you limited edition Displates selling for 2X and even 4X the original price, and yes, some are actually being bought for that. 

  • Frail Beauty by Anato Finnstark is the most searched for Limited Edition Displate and has sold for a whopping $1200 USD on the second-hand market.

Anato Finnstark Limited Edition Displates

Are you on a quest to experience the magical, mythical, and mystical all at once? Look no further than the works of fantasy artist Anato Finnstark. A freelance illustrator based in Paris, his dark creations launch you straight into the realm of mystery and wonder. 

Now that’s absurd! In a really cool way! That’s the power of limited editions on the resale market. When only a few people can have a breathtaking design, It seems to be worth so much more on the resale market. 

Tobias Roetsch Limited Edition Displates

Living and running a design studio in Germany, Tobias Roetsch proves that being a full-time artist is not rocket science when you work hard and love what you do. Fascinated by all things space, he creates incredible art that is truly out of this world. 

Is a Limited Edition Displate different from an Ordinary Displate In Form Factor?

Yes, they totally are. Limited Edition Displates are special because they’re printed with special effects that improve the texture, look, feel and vibrancy of the posters. Those additional features to the designs are something our Limited Edition collectors really enjoy. Using some awesome printing techniques by the brilliant minds in our production house, we print Limited Editions to really stand out, and the designs spill off the canvas creating a layered look that’s really beautiful!

Riza Peker Limited Edition Displates

Tomasz Dąbek Limited Edition Displates

More Details in Limited Edition Displates by Artists

Full List Of Limited Editions Artists


There you have it, a selection of Limited Edition Displates made in collaboration with some incredible Artists. Be sure to take a deep dive into our series of artist interviews and on-the-spot blogs to learn a little more about what inspires the beautiful artists featured on this list!


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