Mel B And Emma Bunton Join Netflix Series


Two out of five Spice Girls are really ready to zig-a-zig-ah!

“The Circle” is one of Netflix‘s biggest recent success stories, and its premise allows for maximum binge-watching!

The series specializes in documenting one of the biggest elements of modern society: how to expertly master the art of becoming a social media influencer who has what it takes to accumulate enough ‘likes’ to remain at the top of our feeds!

As if “The Circle” couldn’t be any more addicting than refreshing our social media accounts, the series has found a way to incorporate a dose of nostalgia while keeping its content fresh.

If you’re someone who would rather press any ‘dislike’ react button when it has it do with the subject of spoilers, be warned, there will be mild spoilers for the first episode of “The Circle” in this article!

‘The Circle’ Spices Up Its Life!

Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton and Melanie ‘Scary Spice’ Brown have come on board to give “The Circle” a dose of their signature upbeat presence!

Both Spice Girls will join in on the social media experiment by choosing to create a ‘catfish’ profile.

Contestants can either create the perfect social media profile as themselves, or pose behind a profile with the goal of crafting an identity that will fool even the biggest scroll kings and queens!

According to People, Brown and Bunton are striving to play the role of Jared, a 28-year-old author of children’s books.

‘Jared’ was one of two contestant profiles that the first episode’s frontrunner Frank, who is a “school social worker from Maryland,” per TV Line, would be given to choose in order to bring on additional player.

‘The Girls’ Strive To Get The Gold

“The Circle” will only become a Spice World, and we’ll all be living in it!

The two guests of honor will have a unique role to fulfill in the game.

In a slight change in “The Circle’s” premise, Brown and Bunton are not playing the game to win it as the other contestants do, as per People.

The winning amount of money contestants will receive at the end of the game will be greatly increased from $100, 000 to $150,000, the outlet reported.

The price increase will apply if the Spicy duo will be able to summon enough ‘girl power’ in order for the other contestants to believe their well-crafted profile!

How Emma and Mel B Feel About ‘The Circle’

Landing two nineties pop legends could definitely be seen as the icing on the fourth season’s cake!

Persuading these ladies to participate in “The Circle” did not require a lot of work from the crew.

Toni Ireland, the series’ executive producer, knew the power within securing Brown and Bunton to participate.

“We were so lucky to get them because they’re just absolute icons that transcend generations,” she told Entertainment Weekly, “They’re worldwide superstars and they’re so much fun, and that’s what the show is all about. And they were totally up for the game.”

There’s no time like the present to catch up on the latest season!

The first four episodes of the season are now available on Netflix and subsequent episodes will become available through May 25th, as per EW.



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