Music for Advent-Epiphany, Year C — A Sanctified Art

Janice K. Johnson

The past year has hit close to home for many of us, but music has a particular way of soothing our souls—especially during the holidays. Here we’ve collected hymns and songs that work well with our Close to Home Advent – Epiphany theme and subthemes based on the Year C texts of the Revised Common Lectionary. We hope these lists help you to plan meaningful worship services for this season.

As bonus resources, we have five original hymns written and set to traditional Christmas carols by Rev. Anna Strickland, as well as an original theme song written and performed by Becky and Nathan Bliss of Barnaby Bright.
Click here to download the original hymns, and check back soon for the music video for our Close to Home theme song.

(Note: While we do not own the licensing rights to these songs—other than the hymns and song written specially for this series—we have linked to more information about the hymnals containing these songs or to other licensing options. Since U.S. law does not allow churches to “broadcast” recorded music without a particular license to do so—including music played in YouTube and Facebook live services—we encourage you to share recorded songs with your congregation by sharing a link to the video or our Spotify playlist in bulletins, emails, or social media to avoid copyright strikes in livestream worship.)

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