New Art and Story Details for Milestones In History!


DC and Milestone Media Reveal New Art and Story Details For Milestones In History

An All-Star Lineup of Storytelling Talent Spotlights Iconic Figures From Across Black History, Through the Eyes of the Heroes of Milestone

Teases the Next Big Storyline in the Dakotaverse

Available Tuesday, June 21

DC and Milestone Media revealed new artwork and story details today on their upcoming one-shot anthology, Milestones In History. Initially announced during last year’s DC FanDome, this anthology combines an unprecedented collection of writers from traditional literature, entertainment, culture, and social activism with celebrated comic book artists to celebrate Black people throughout history.

“In developing Milestones In History with DC, it was important that this not be another book about the commonly known names in American Black history, as important as they are,” said Milestone Partner Reggie Hudlin. “Our goal with this anthology has always been to identify great storytellers from different background to celebrate Black history beyond the borders of America, and beyond the confines of slavery and oppression. While Black History is certainly all of that, it really is so much more.”

The stories and talent for this 96-page spectacular include:

  • “Born in Africa – Mother of the World:” Rocket chronicles the history of “Lucy,” the collection of Australopithecus Afarensis fossil bones discovered in Ethiopia in a story by New York Times best-selling novelist Alice Randall and artist Eric Battle. In a second story, “The Brilliant Black Russians: Pushkin and His Family of Genius,” Randall teams up with artist Don Hudson and Jose Marzan Jr. to tell the story of Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin
  • “The Many Queens of Sheba:” Virgil Hawkins (Static) has a tough time keeping his mind on his school project when he’s paired with his high school crush Raquel Ervin (Rocket) as they discuss competing origins of The Queen of Sheba, in a story from Writer Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Cycle of Life and Death, DC Festival of Heroes) and artist Maria Laura Sanapo (Sensational Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace, DC Comics Bombshells)
  • “You Will Follow A Great Man:” The history of military commander and statesman Hannibal Barca, told by award-winning sci-fi, mystery and fantasy writer Steven Barnes, with art by comic book vets Ron Wilson and Mike Gustovich
  • “The Dumas Legacy: “Icon and Rocket recount the history of the family of The Three Musketeers writer Alexandre Dumas is in a story by award-winning author and educator Tananarive Due, with art by Jamal Yaseem Igle and Chris Sotomayor
  • “Ace,” the story of trailblazer Eugene Bullard, the first African American to fly in combat and the only African American pilot in World War I, is told by television and film writer Pat Charles (The CW’s Black Lightning) and comic book artist Arvell Jones
  • “Spirit Step” chronicles the life of anthropologist, activist, dancer, and creator of the Dunham Technique of dance, Katharine Dunham, is highlighted in a story by writer Karyn Parsons (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), with art by Francesco Francavilla
  • In “Controversy,” writer and activist Touré and artist Ray-Anthony Height celebrate the life and career of musical icon Prince
  • Horror and Sci-Fri writer Melody Cooper and artist Domo Stanton (The Sandman Universe/House of Whispers) celebrate two more aeronautical pioneers in “The Sky’s The Limit” – Bessie Coleman, stunt pilot and the first Black female to earn a pilot’s license, and physician, engineer, and former NASA astronaut Mae Jemisin, the first Black woman to travel into space

Featuring an introduction from the heroes of the Dakotaverse, by Reggie Hudlin with art from Janhoy Lindsay, Milestones In History also includes at what’s next for the super heroes of Milestone in “Things to Come,” by Reggie Hudlin and Leon Chills, with art by Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan.

Milestones In History arrives in comic book shops and on participating platforms on Tuesday, June 21. To check out the past and present of Milestone and the Dakotaverse, the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription service has a great selection of classic Milestone titles, plus the first wave of the series from Milestone Returns: Static: Season One, Icon and Rocket: Season One, and Hardware: Season One. For more details and a free trial, visit the website at

For more information on Milestone and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, visit the website at, and follow @DCComics and @thedcnation on social media.


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