New collage art materials in the shop!


I’m so excited to be able to share some new materials with you, which go in the shop this week for PRESALE. They will be shipped the first week in June.

The first is a reproduction of one of my most frequently inquired about gluebooks – my index card collage art collection.

Over the years you may have seen me working in it. Here’s one of my standing desk with my cards. I keep them bound with a metal ring.

A close-up of some of the pages.

a vintage photo of a house, collaged with pattern paper and other vintage papers
Often it’s not possible to put into words why one paper works better than another in a collage. Often it’s just a feeling,

I had everything scanned to a high resolution quality, so that it would print beautifully, and boy, I am not disappointed! The color and quality is just as good as the original. The paper is a heavier card stock, and the colors are so vibrant.

It’s got 38 collages on 19 cards– front and back, and comes with the hole prepunched on every card. Check out the listing if you are interested in picking up a copy. It’s $21 +shipping.

Next, I have prompt cards.

Many years ago I sold these prompt cards: 

deck of collage prompt cards

Initially I wanted to reprint them, but then I started to think that they weren’t that useful. I wanted something else that would get people creating.  

I kept the image of the tickets, and I created new prompt cards. They look like this below. I call them Make Your Own Prompt Cards. I show you how I make a collage with the prompt in some way. The back of the card is blank so that you can create your own.

Here is another:

I hope people find this to be a fun project. I’ve assigned a hashtag of #mmpromptcards in case anyone wants to share on social media.

Check them out in the shop if you are interested. They are $25 +shipping.


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