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Janice K. Johnson

Jacopo Ceccarelli aka 2501 recently work on a project in South Tyrol, Bolzano, Italy. He designed and painted the walls of the outdoor area of ​​the Alperia Greenpower company headquarters on Via Claudia Augusta — the project was curated by Outbox.

Alperia Greenpower is an Alperia subsidiary active in the field of energy production from renewable sources and operates the Alperia Group’s hydroelectric power plants in South Tyrol.

2501’s stylistic signature is characterized by the use of black and white lines and figures that follow each other and alternate in space, which is why he was chosen as the artist. Hypnotic lines and moving images chase each other on the walls of one of the Alperia offices to create a mural inspired by the world of energy. Here is how out of nowhere, between one brushstroke and another, turbines, cables, alternators and transformers come to life.

In all his creations, whether it be canvas, paper, or walls, there is an obvious progression in size, detail and complexity that accompanies 2501’s works. His installations, in comparison, grant his audience a more natural, organic contrast to what is customary in his other pieces. His ability to play with different forms of media while remaining devoted to line use has allowed him to develop into the incredible artist that he is today.

Check out more photos of the project below.

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