On the spot: Dominik Mayer


Each of Dominik Mayer’s paintings wants to escape the frame. This German artist is an expert at merging vivid colors and compelling shapes to create dynamic compositions that fail to just stay put in one place. The effect is a truly kinetic experience. 

With his Limited Edition design out this week, we caught up with Dominik to talk about his unique style and dig a bit deeper into his fantasy and horror inspirations.

How did you become an artist?

Probably, like almost all artists, I used to draw since I can remember. So with that as a base, I studied 3D animation and Illustration in Nuremberg, where I currently live. I finished my bachelor of arts in 2016. Before becoming a freelancer, I worked in Munich and Hamburg as 2D and 3D artist. Since mid-2017, I have worked as a full-time freelancer.

As a freelance artist, what does your day look like? 

Very chaotic 🙂 I stay up late and get up late. Usually, I start the day by walking to a local cafe. Have a coffee and plan the day a bit, and sometimes I do some sketches there. Occasionally, I meet other people and friends there. After that, I usually work until late at night. If it is not for clients, I always have something personal to work on. In the evening, I relax with movies or games and go back to work after that. I just can’t stop 🙂

Sun Priest
Souls of the Sunking 01

How does the place where you live influence your art?

I currently live in Nuremberg in southern Germany. We have a lot of medieval buildings, and those definitely influence my work. Being surrounded by all that cool medieval stuff is just amazing. When I walk to my office in the city, the shortest way is over the castle. How cool is that?

The World you create is full of magic. What are your biggest inspirations? 

I would say music and color. That two spark the most inspiration in me while looking/listening to it. I often just see the color without context, and I want to paint something with it. At this stage, I usually don’t have specifics in mind, but I often combine it with stuff I just love to paint: medieval fantasy and horror stuff.

Of course, a big inspiration is also the work of other artists: old masters and recent ones. There is so much great stuff out there. It’s crazy how much art is created every single day. There is so much awesome stuff to look at and get inspired.

How did you develop your final style?

I would not consider my style final. It is my style in the current state. It constantly changes, and I hope it will continue to evolve. I also did not develop it on purpose. It just happened by painting what I love. Because I did a lot of speed paintings that forced me to create something fast, I developed a very energetic and loose style as a base. On top of that dynamic, I try to build and change and develop different approaches. I always find some new elements to play with, which will influence my style.

Flame Trooper

And what do you like the most about being an artist? 

Being free, I guess. I do what I love for a living. I don’t have to “work” since it does not feel like it. That is just amazing. In addition to that, it is so great that you can dig into whatever topic you can imagine and learn stuff that seems “useless” at first, but then everything can be the source of inspiration and a base for new ideas. So cool!

Apart from creating, how do you like spending your time? 

I love playing games (video games, card games, board games), movies, coffee walking through nature, and relaxing. What I absolutely love is listening to music while doing nothing else. Just chill and listen. I do that waaaay too less.

Moon Priest
Furious Resurrection

What are your biggest dreams as an artist?

At the moment: Creating a project of my own. Like I currently do with my “Unsung Hero” world. Publishing a book or a deck of cards with art that is not directed by anything else than myself would be amazing. It is a dream, but the one I am already working on to make it come true. After that, I will have a new dream 🙂

And what made you join Displate’s community of artists?

I think it is a super cool and easy way to celebrate art, and I am really glad to be part of it! 🙂

Instagram: @_dominik_mayer_


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