Outdoor Workout: The Best Places

The Best Outdoor Workouts and Outdoor Exercises to Mix Up Your Routine

If you know anything about Dubai, you already know that it has stunning outdoor workout places. Why work out indoors if you can work out outdoors on a stunning beach? Working out on the beach is a great way to take advantage of the amazing natural scenery while burning off calories.

A fantastic approach to keeping active, developing strength and endurance, and taking in the beauty of nature is to exercise outside. Not only is working out on the beach a great way to stay fit and healthy, it’s also incredibly relaxing. Exercising outdoors on the beach is also a great way to take advantage of the health benefits that come from being in nature. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore can make it easier to stay focused on your fitness goals.

We will discuss some of the options below!

Why Exercise Outside?

First, why should you work out outside? There is a number of reasons to work out outside in the city of Dubai. Being out in the sun has various benefits, and so does enjoying the scenery of the city. There are options to cycle, swim, lift weights, and much more.

Al Ittihad Park

If you are looking for a nice workout on the beach, you need to look no further than Palm Jumeriah’s Al ltihad Park. It is suitable for all types of individuals of various ages. This park has a variety of different activities that you can partake in. The lovely surroundings of the park, with its sandy beaches, beautiful palm trees and calming sea breeze make it a stunning place to exercise and get your daily dose of fresh air.

Laguna Waterpark

Looking to cool down in Dubai’s hot weather? Laguna Waterpark at La Mer offers a variety of exciting slides and activities for both adults and children. This popular spot is the perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy some outdoor fun.

Al Qudra Cycle Track

For those looking for an adventurous activity, the Al Qudra Cycle Track will do the trick. This popular cycling track situated in the desert is especially busy in the mornings and afternoons. You can hire a bike right there and enjoy the stunning views of the vast desert landscape as you cycle along the track,


Exercising outdoors is a great way to stay active, build strength and stamina and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time. Working out on the beach is not only a fantastic way to keep healthy and fit, but it is also wonderfully calming. Another excellent way to benefit from the health advantages of being in nature is to exercise outside on the beach.

Palm Jumeriah’s Al ltihad Park has a variety of different activities that you can partake in. Laguna Waterpark at La Mer is the perfect place to cool down in Dubai’s hot weather. For cycling outside, look no further than Al Quadra Cycle Track. But there are so many options to exercise outside in Dubai.

However, make sure to protect yourself from the heat!

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