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About Richard Parry

Richard Parry is a photographer, designer, and visual artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. He describes his work as minimalistic, abstract, and technology inspired.

He found his love for creativity when he started making scale models at a young age, and it developed into a passion for art and pulling things apart. But it was only after losing his job as an electrician due to Covid-19 that he decided it was time to go full-time for his passion. Since then, he’s been constantly working; indeed, his previous job has influenced the art he makes today.


Artflow and Technique

He has an eye for sharp color, deft arrangement, and a chronic experimental streak. His work combines practical methodology with creative sensibility, creating intricate pieces with a taste for style and fun.

To realize ideas from start to finish, he uses a range of skill sets and tools to capture concepts, engineer the details behind the screen in post-production, and present the finished piece when it reaches his threshold for quality in rendering.

Characterized by an unswerving use of color and off-the-wall conceits, Richard’s work builds on seasoned technique and an impulse to explore and learn new mediums. It stems from a love of art, pop culture, technology, and their intersections.


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