She Wrote A Book | Julia Claire Weber | Episode 882

Janice K. Johnson

Julia Claire Weber | Episode 882

Julia Claire Weber, founder of Julia Claire Clay is a part-time studio potter, full-time mama, and part-time gallery manager at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville, NC. Prior to her long-term artist in residence at Odyssey Clayworks, Julia was studio manager of Clayspace in Erie, Pennsylvania and graduated with a BFA in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Author of “The Beginners Guide to Wheel Throwing”, Julia’s biggest professional accomplishment to date!


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The book you wrote is a technical book. Was there anything that you held back?

N0, I shared it all. Every tip and every trick.  Which is I guess they say don’t use tricks but some things are tricks.

It’s been said that a book is a horrible source of income but it’s an amazing business card. Have you found both of those to be true?

Well, I feel like it’s the best handout that I’ve ever written. Income, yeah, not so much but I will never have to write a handout again in my beginner classes. Everything is in the book.

Did you have a routine or a schedule that you set up for yourself to make sure that you stuck to the process?

I would definitely make spaces around the house. I am an ever-changing person so I get tired of one space. So I would make one space in the house very cozy and basically I just tried to write every day. Some days it wasn’t working and some days it just flowed.

Did you have to spend a lot of time re-writing what you had already written?

Absolutely. Yes. Because I wrote things down in scribbles or in the middle of the night. Thinking, Oh my gosh I have to talk about this.  It was very rudimentary to begin with and then I refined it basically. The funny thing is I wrote it all on paper first.


And I saved it because it means something to me. I really liked the process of writing and scribbling it on paper. It’s all hand-written and then I typed it from there.

How many pages did your book end up being?

One hundred and forty-four pages.

If you were to be asked tomorrow to write another book would you do it?

Yes. Depending on the topic. Yes. I like sharing and I like teaching and that is what this book meant to me. I figure if I can help people struggle less than I did then I’m winning.

The Beginner’s Guide to Wheel Throwing by Julia Claire Weber


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