Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Together


Setting alone in your studio uncertain if your current project is a success or not.

Looking at new supplies wondering if you should try something different.

Ideas bouncing around in your head, but unsure of what direction to take.

 Though some artists do like to work in isolation, there are many reasons to have relationships with other artists that will aid in your artistic endeavors. As in all relationships, it is important to know and be comfortable with those you are trusting with your ideas, work, and processes. There must be a respect for that person’s understanding of art….but your art!  You must be willing to receive not only the complements, but you also must be able to receive the questioning and comments that don’t always sing your praises.  These types of relationships take time and effort. We must be willing to develop theme.  They will not only make us better artists, but better people as well. 

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. 

 A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12

We are designed for relationships.  We are created to be connected.  In the Bible, we see again and again how relationship is at the core of God’s story for His creation.  Many will consider “punching” in & out at a church service to be enough.  However, God has called us to more than what “punching” in & out can provide.  If we are to spur & encourage one another one, wouldn’t we have to have more of a relationship than an hour or two could yield?  We must develop relationships that will allow for us to speak into one another’s lives.  We must create an environment where we can help one another to grow.  We must spend time together.  Relationships need time.  I’m not suggesting a “commune”.  I’m just saying that we need to be intentional in making time in our life to develop connections/relationships.  So often we feel our lives are too busy for such things.  Time can be as simple as eating a meal together, going shopping together, or lending a hand helping.  Living life together allows for depth to happen.  In that depth you can begin to encourage & spur each other on in a way that will grow you closer together & in your relationship with the Lord. The strength that relationships bring to your faith can not be expressed enough. Together we are better. 


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