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Janice K. Johnson

Often when you visit small galleries which are staging a joint exhibition of paintings done by a small number of artists, you like some and are disappointed with others.  I was in Portugal last week and my visit coincided with an opening of a joint exhibition at a local gallery […]

ROYAL FLUSH Continues at Van Der Plas Gallery Showroom on the LES

Janice K. Johnson

On check out concurrently with LeCrue Eyebrows’ solo demonstrate at Van Der Plas Gallery is ROYAL FLUSH, a team exhibition showcasing delightfully intriguing artworks by ten remarkably creative artists. The massive mixed-media artwork showcased higher than, Numb, was fashioned by Clown Soldier, whose now-legendary signature character I initial encountered on NYC streets in […]

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Since Amsterdam expanded rapidly throughout this period, new buildings adjacent to the city centre have been also constructed on this type. The houses within the vicinity of the Museum Square in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid are an example of Jugendstil. The last fashion that was in style in Amsterdam before Nfl News […]