Museum Sketching

One of my students asked me about museum sketching, and I thought my answer would make a nice blog post: This is me sketching from Velazquez’ Las Meninas in the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain a few years ago. There was a near-constant crowd of people in front of this […]

After a Covid Contraction, Museums Are Expanding Again — Portland Museum of Art

Janice K. Johnson

“Are we constructing the correct building?” claimed James Steward, the director of the Princeton University Artwork Museum, concerning its new making, built by David Adjaye. “Are we providing ourselves enough potential proofing?” That “future proofing” has intended attempting to develop in as substantially adaptability as attainable, Mr. Steward claimed, so […]

Artists’ Collections in the Archives: Digitizing Cleveland’s Artistic History | by Cleveland Museum of Art | CMA Thinker | Sep, 2022

Janice K. Johnson

By Sara Kunkemueller, Digitization Intern, Ingalls Library and Museum Archives This summer months, I joined the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives as a digitization intern. My function involved numerous jobs, from updating metadata to scanning publications for the World wide web Archive, but a great deal of my time was […]