On The Spot: Linda Albertini

Janice K. Johnson

Dreamy and soft, the art of Linda Albertini (aka Country Road Atelier) is beaming with homely warmth and a welcoming glow. To make her drawings extra mushy, this Swiss-based illustrator reaches for some Czech fairy tale magic and adds a reviving touch of Finnish nature. It’s easy – they all […]

On the spot: Nibera | Displate Blog

Janice K. Johnson

80s light grid? Check. Warm, faded color palette? Check. Space inspirations? You got it! When it comes to retro-inspired art, Slovenian artist Nibera ticks all the boxes, while also making her art truly unique with some original compositional arrangements.  Turns out Nibera is one hell of a retrohead. She’s not […]

On the spot: Madie | Displate Blog

In case you hadn’t already guessed by looking at her lovely character drawings, Madie arts loves clean lines and cozy couches. There is a huuuge pool of charming individuals living in her mind at all times, planted there by the movies, games, and books she greedily consumes. But mostly, she […]

On The Spot: Leandro Francisca

Meow you doing, cat enthusiasts? We’ve acquired something purr-fect just for you! Leandro Francisca is in this article with his charming cat artworks that will soften your furry hearts. In this week’s On The Place, the Brazilian illustrator tells us more about his feline inspirations, his beloved cat Pudim, and […]

On The Spot: Joohyung Seo

Gentle, cloudy and ethereal, they’re like goals or prolonged-misplaced childhood recollections. Joohyung Seo’s illustrations merge visual storytelling with impressionist spontaneity to provide out some of the most atmospheric art you will come across.  Looking at her mesmerizing works, it’s tricky to think about that Joohyung has formally started out her […]