Anthony McCall makes air visible

Janice K. Johnson

While air is often invisible and elusive, Anthony McCall’s light installation Crossing 2016 draws viewers’ attention to the volume of air held within a space. This dramatic ‘solid light’ sculpture makes air visible through shafts of light intersecting with smoke haze. Those entering McCall’s expansive light installation at the Gallery […]

This Year’s Small World Photo Contest Unveils the Astounding Details Only Visible Under the Light Microscope

 Pictures Science #biology #contests #macro #nature Oct 15, 2022 Grace Ebert Very long-bodied cellar/daddy lengthy-legs spider (Pholcus phalangioides), Dr. Andrew Posselt. 4th area. All visuals courtesy of Nikon Compact Earth, shared with permission For 48 a long time the Nikon Small Planet Photomicrography Competitiveness has garnered some of the […]