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Janice K. Johnson

For much of history, the art experience was a static one where one might look at paintings and sculptures in art galleries, museums, stately homes etc. More often than not, you are expected to look on quietly and reverentially. Indeed many art galleries, such as the Tate in London, often feel like a temple of worship. And that’s not to say that is a bad thing. Indeed, we have spent many hours blissfully sitting and staring at paintings in art galleries. Enjoying the peace and quiet contemplation. However, in recent times, there has been a surge in demand for an immersive art experience.

What is an Immersive Art Experience?

The immersive art experience is different from the traditional sense in that it’s more interactive. Museums and galleries and other large exhibition spaces are creating innovative ways to enhance the art experience and help the viewer feel “closer” to the art. They are usually installations often involving constructed environments and multi-sensory experiences. You feel as though you are ‘enveloped’ inside the art and the senses are heightened. In this way, art becomes something you can touch, hear, feel or smell. For example, through the use of headphones or VR headsets. Physical interaction with the art may be different e.g. lounging on a sofa.  

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